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The story of jewelry that tells a story

by Leigh Elmore

The new volume, Narrative Jewelry: Tales from the Toolbox from Schiffer Publishing showcases the best of narrative jewelry by 241 makers from around the world. Discover love, life and death through intricate, artful, and thought-provoking pieces crafted by artisans ranging from newly graduated students to luminaries of the jewelry world, all lending their voices to this time-honored tradition. 

Featuring 450 full-color photos, this book showcases the best of what today's makers are creating: jewelry that's designed to evoke a range of thoughts and feelings.

Do you have a piece of jewelry that offers a story? Why are you attracted to some pieces, but repelled by others? The answers unfold in this contemporary compendium, also featuring a foreword by jewelry professor and expert Jack Cunningham, Ph.D., and text by artists Jo Pond and Dauvit Alexander. The makers and images selected for this book are a broad representation
of the genre of narrative jewelry and offer a fascinating look for anyone who wears, collects or has an interest in jewelry or design.

The author, Mark Fenn, is a maker and curator of narrative jewelry. He has been creating for more than 30 years and holds a degree in silversmithing and jewelry design from the University of the Creative Arts UK. Fenn creates commissioned work and small annual collections and offers wedding ring making days where he tutors couples on how to make each other's wedding rings, helping them to create their story. His work has been shown widely, including at Christies and Goldsmiths.

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