A fabulous decade for A Fabulous Find

By Leigh Elmore

Sharon Choikhit, the owner of A Fabulous Find, strives to ensure that her antique mall lives up to its name, noting also that every store and every antique mall has a certain clientele that keeps returning on a regular basis.

At A Fabulous Find, owner Sharon Choikhit, right, with designer Laura Galvin and a couple of booth displays. (photo by Leigh Elmore)

“We have great vendors here and they are meticulous in keeping their booths immaculate,” she said. “We have a good range of merchandise, and there is always something to find here.”
Located in the lower level of Mission Mall for nearly 10 years, Choikhit observes that nearly one quarter of the 175 vendors at A Fabulous Find have been with the mall since its inception.
“I want to say that the last couple of years have been our best,” she emphasized.

Working previously in commercial real estate, Choikhit became intrigued with the antique trade when her elderly mother lived with her. “We would go to the Mission Road Antique Mall for a few hours,” which seemed to work as therapy for her mother. She saw the positive effects that antiquing had on individuals and she decided to get involved.

This green glassware is a small sample of the treasures to be found at A Fabulous Find. (photo by Corbin Crable)

In her decade of experience, Choikhit has seen the vagaries of the antique trade come and go.
“This business is supposed to be about happy,” she said.

And she strives to make antiquing as happy as possible for both her customers and her vendors. “Over time you see price points for some items go down, but they often come back up within a year. We have a good mix at A Fabulous Find,” so business remains fairly stable.

As she observed her mother’s reaction to antiques, Choikhit realized that in an antique mall, “people are making a connection to the past. And if it wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t be here!
“You run across some amazing people in this industry,” she said. “My people have different strengths, but one thing we have in common is knowledge of antiques and collectibles, a great back shop and the best in customer service that we can offer.”

These baskets are a small sample of the treasures to be found at A Fabulous Find. (photo by Corbin Crable)

“Most people in this business are in it to enjoy it. I want this store to work for everyone here. If they are happy, I am happy,” she said. “Most of our vendors are in multiple locations with booths in various malls. If you are going to make a living, that’s what you have to do. There are a lot of personalities in a mall. We encourage each vendor to make their space their own.”
Choikhit says she loves Mission and the Mission Mall in particular. “I’ve been around this center ever since I was a kid. I am proud of it.”

She never hesitates to send customers to other malls in the area. People like to shop in multiple locations and she knows the dealers in other malls will do the same for her.

“The coffee is always on,” Choikhit said, “I feel blessed.”

A Fabulous Find is located at 5330 Martway, Mission, KS, 66205, in the lower level of Mission Mall, next door to Tuesday Morning.

Leigh Elmore can be contacted at leighroi@kc.rr.com