“The Lladró Guide: A Collector’s Reference to Retired Porcelain Figurines in Lladró Brands”
By Peggy Rose Whiteneck

By Corbin Crable

The world of the Lladró porcelain figurine is as diverse as the figurines’ value. Though they can be widely found in both in-person and online auctions, there might always be that one elusive figurine you’ve been seeking for your collection – it simply wouldn’t be complete without that one piece.

While on your hunt for that specific treasure, be sure to bring along a copy of Peggy Rose Whiteneck’s most recent book, “The Lladró Guide: A Collector’s Reference to Retired Porcelain Figurines in Lladró Brands.” Whiteneck, a longtime Lladró collector and expert, chronicles all known Lladró figurine brand names, making this tome a must-have for the serious collector.

Founded in the early 1950s, the Spanish porcelain firm’s production history is shrouded in mystery, but Whiteneck provides as comprehensive a history of the esteemed company as possible.
Whiteneck herself says her history of collecting is a long one, having been passed down from family members.

“I got the collector bug from my parents, and, in looking for something of my own to collect, I came upon my first Lladró figurines at an antique store,” the author explains. “I was so attracted to them: to their exquisite and delicate modeling, the risky ways in which extended limbs occupy space, and the international breadth of Lladró’s themes, including different races and cultures. I find that international scope to be atypical of European porcelains.”

“The Lladró Guide” includes advice on how to differentiate the brand from its Spanish competitors, price lists and factors to consider when evaluating value, and an examination of the more rare pieces to be found.

“One of the intriguing things I learned (throughout my research) was that Lladró has several brands in addition to its main collection, some of which are no longer in production, and it was fun for me to learn how to distinguish the Lladró brands from the many imitators operating in the Valencia region of Spain,” Whiteneck explains. “In my book, I share with readers how they can do that, too.”

About the author
Peggy Rose Whiteneck is known for her research that informed the past 30 years of growth of the Lladró secondary collector market. Her website on Spanish porcelain has an international following, and she is frequently contacted for Lladró answers by collectors and secondary-market dealers from around the world. She writes feature articles on antiques and collectibles, including a national syndicated column titled “Good Eye: A Collector’s View of the Antiques and Collectibles Trade.” www.elportalporcelana.info

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